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"SALEH Junaidb Salah Alghferi Est. was established in December 27, 2004 by general contractor for residential commercial building and road parking, garden, labor service in Adam, a village in Makkah region, Saudi Arabia. company construction of buildings and provide construction engineers and man services for new building construction and rehabilitation projects in the our region. The firm's primary clients are developers, general contractors and construction managers. The firm employs multiple construction engineers ,surveyors performing construction survey crews and equipments related for all construction activity."

Our World Class Expertise

In this regard, we have served clients in their construction needs, maintenance, and technical support. We have 347 employees of various professions on our regular payroll, who are providing their best services to the clients in all fields of building construction. The firm’s outstanding achievements in the construction fields have reached through the relentless efforts exerted by its highly qualified work force that are continuing to provide clients with top quality services.